Clan Wars XIV: Dec “The Bandit” Larkin

Larkin in action against Vittorio Grant during a previous Clan Wars event

Larkin in action against Vittorio Grant during a previous Clan Wars event

Dec, “The Bandit” Larkin is no stranger to the Clan Wars promotion, weather it is as the third man in the cage or, as will be the case on March 3, taking on another top opponent on the Irish MMA scene.

You are now a very popular name among Clan Wars fans whether you are fighting or refereeing on the shows, from this we can gather you like being involved with the Clan Wars promotion? We believe you started out your refereeing on Clan Wars at the start along with another Clan Wars Referee Aidan Marron. How have you seen the show develop in your time working with Clan Wars?

Can Wars has grew from strength to strength over the last couple of years. It’s one of the best promotions in the UK and Europe, and I love being a part of it.

You are co-headlining on the 3rd of March for Clan Wars 14 against Bryan Gorman who is the head trainer at fighting fight and who also trains out of Rilion Gracie. I take it you are pumped for this fight and raring to get back into the octagon?

Yes, really pumped for this fight. I have been training really hard and can’t wait to get in there.

Bryan was a large welterweight and is now dropping to lightweight meaning if he can transfer this power to lightweight he will be very strong. Will you be using your calm and experience to overcome this?

It doesn’t make a difference if he’s dropping from welterweight, it’s whoever can execute the best game plan. He might be strong, but I guarantee I will be a lot faster.

With two Larkin Brothers are fighting on the same card do you think it’s special getting to share experiences with your brothers fighting on the same card?

Me and my brother both share the same love for the sport, we both train out of different gyms but any chance we get we talk about training and what we have been doing. We even share different techniques to help each other along, and can definitely bust a few moves on the dance floor. Just wait to after Clan Wars.

Have you any predictions for your fight?

The bandit wins by something crazy.

Last year you were known as the most active fighter in Ireland, do you plan to continue this for 2013?

I have moved gyms now and I fight out of IMMA next gen NI, under Rodney Moore who is taking on my management, and whatever he says go’s weather its two fights or ten fights I’ll be there.

Would you like to give any special mentions to anyone?

I would like to thank all my sponsors, training partners, family and my girlfriend Dawn. It’s her that keeps me sane through training and weight cuts. Big thanks to all my fans and everyone who has helped.


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