Clan Wars XIV: Joe McColgan.

Joe with some impressive G 'n' P

Joe with some impressive G ‘n’ P

Joe McColgan is relatively new to the MMA scene yet is eager to make his pro debut for Clan Wars when the promotion returns to Belfast for the first show of the year.
“I first got into MMA when I was 22 (or)23. I had never seen a UFC fight or even knew what an arm bar was. I literally went up for the craic and I got hooked.”
McColgan has the up most respect for his opponent heading into the fight.
“I don’t really know much about Paddy but I’m treating him like my most dangerous opponent yet. I haven’t game planned and I never do. I will go in and react. I’m confident in all aspects of my game and I’m confident I will make this exciting for my fans!
McColgan is a massive fan of the Clan Wars banner and feels it is a great platform to help an launch a blossoming career in the world of MMA.
“It’s a great show and it offers every fighter exposure. I’m delighted to be making my pro debut on Clan Wars.
“I want to thank the guys I spar everyday my coaches! The guys who take time out of their schedule to help me train. My friends and most of all my girlfriend for her support and encouragement. I’d also like to give a shout out to the Philips hr1861 pro juicer. We have formed a bond this camp!”


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