Clan Wars XIV: Lukas Cikotas

Cikotas anticipates a stand up battle despit being a submission machine.

Cikotas anticipates a stand up battle despit being a submission machine.

When Clan Wars title contender Lukas Cikotas first came to Ireland as a 15 year old could barely speak English and knew no one outside of his family. On March 3 he has the chance to write his name into the history books of Irish MMA when he takes on Liam Shannon for the Clan Wars middleweight title in the first main event of 2013.
Combat sport was a way to socialise in a new environment and learn some of the new language.
“I started martial arts soon as I came to Ireland. So firstly, the kickboxing club was a way for me to make friends and learn some English. After few years in local kickboxing club decided to try something new, and was changing martial arts school every few months untill MMA came more famous in Ireland. After a few training sessions in MMA I knew I was in the right place. I Started training allot of BJJ and couldn’t get enough of it, and became more rounded.”
Lukas is eager to impress as he bids to gain the first set of MMA straps of his career.
“It’s my first title fight so it means a lot to me and could prove to my friends and family that I deserve a place in this sport, and I’m hungry for the belt.”
Lukas isn’t concerning himself too much with his opponent ahead of their bout.
“I don’t know much about Liam just that he’s respected stand up fighter and in this game for a while. Trains and coaches in good fight club.
“I have no particular game plan for this fight, just train hard in all areas and be well rounded. I have won all my fights by submissions so would love to win the fight on stand up for a change.
“It’s hard to say what my strengths will be in the fight because I don’t know much about my opponent, but one thing for sure that I developed as a fighter a lot since my previous fight. Had much time to look back fix my mistakes and improve.”
The submission specialist is noted as having a very well rounded game ahead of his preparation for this fight and will be a tough test to welcome Liam Shannon from a year off through injury.
“Training is going great; coaches are very helpful and supportive. No injuries so far and would like to keep it that way.
“I would like to thank all my friends for support, all the coaches Andre Ramos Zavatini and Sebastian Kozok. And all the Ferocity MMA Team and training partners. Clan Wars for giving me this opportunity.”


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