Clan Wars XIV: Paddy McAlister

Paddy Champ 2

Paddy McAlister is no stranger to the ranks of Irish MMA having won the Clan Wars amateur title during one of two outings for the promotion in 2012. The Fight Academy Ireland man aims to defend his title during his first outing of the promotion come March 3 at the Ramada Hotel in Belfast.
McAlister believes he will be able to out work his opponent in their fight and sees this as a massive advantage for him going into this fight.
“My strength coming into this fight is my work ethic and as I believe hard work beats talent every time… Though my main strength is that nobody stops me doing what I want in that cage.
“Training been good great since moving to Belfast and training every day at Fight Academy Ireland, I’ve noticed all round game go to new levels. (I) Can’t wait to get in and put it all into practice.”
The champ also spoke of his dedication to the sport, not living from fight to fight in terms of training and weight.
“The weight cut (is) not an issue for me, I live a clean healthy lifestyle so there’s no case of being on a diet, it’s a lifestyle choice to me.”
McAlister is no stranger to the MMA scene and enjoys fighting under the Clan Wars banner.
“I fought under the clan wars banner twice last year and I must say everything went smoothly, i was well looked after and really enjoyed the show.”
“I’d like to take this chance to thank all my coaches for the time and patience they put into me… Pol and Liam for everything… My brothers, Karl Moore and Sean Crowe… Also big Ryan Kelly for helping me with literally everything in the lead up to the fight, also I want to thank my sponsor Hales Fruit and Veg for all the continued support.”

McAlister with his corner following his Clan Wars title victory.

McAlister with his corner following his Clan Wars title victory.


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