Andy Ogle: UFC on Fuel TV interview.

The "Little Axe" weighs in before his first UFC bout.

The “Little Axe” weighs in before his first UFC bout.

UFC fighter Andy Ogle takes time out to chat with Lock The Cage’s very own Del Walsh.
Ahead of his bout on UFC on Fuel TV 7, Geordie Andy Ogle took time out to talk to us here at Lock The Cage about his next opponent Josh Grispi, The Ultimate Fighter and the UFC.
Too many people put things off, have that old, “I’ll do it tomorrow attitude.” In the world of MMA however, that isn’t an option. If you want to succeed there is no substitute for hard work, dedication and seizing the moment.
Having come through the experience of losing at The Ultimate Fighter and losing (controversially) in his UFC debut there would be reasons to make excuses and maybe even walk away. However, Andy Ogle has all the attributes to make it all the way to the top.
He first reached acclaim when, in February 2012, it was revealed that Ogle was selected to be a participant on The Ultimate Fighter: Live. Ogle defeated Brendan Weafer via unanimous decision to move into the Ultimate Fighter house, and become an official cast member.
Ogle was selected seventh (fourteenth overall) by Urijah Faber to become a part of Team Faber. In the last quarter-final fight of the season, Ogle was selected to fight one of Team Cruz’s best fighters in Mike Rio. Ogle earned the upset victory after submitting Rio with a rear-naked choke in the second round.
In the semi-final round Ogle was chosen to fight Team Faber teammate, Al Iaquinta. Ogle lost the fight via TKO in the closing moments of the first round, eliminating him from the competition.
“I was so close to living my dreams. You never think it’s that close and you can do it. You know you can but it all just seemed to happen so quickly and then I realised; ‘Hell I can have this. This can be my life.’”
Following that series of The Ultimate Fighter all cast members were signed to exclusive contracts with the UFC.
Ogle was initially set to make his debut for the UFC on The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale on June 1, 2012. However, due to being medically suspended after hisT KO loss to Al Iaquinta, Ogle was not able to compete on the card.
That brings us to UFC on Fuel TV 5. September 29, 2012, Nottingham England.
Ogle lost the bout by split decision to Akira Corassani.
“I felt robbed of my debut victory. I actually stood in the cage and thought my name was read out wrong. I’ve never done things the easy way though, so let’s do this February 16.”
The UFC has announced another show in the UK. UFC on Fuel TV 7 will take place in Wembley Arena on February 16 2013.
The initial fight card has Brits Ogle, Che Mills and scousers Paul Sass and Terry Etim so far. A chance at redemption is well in sight.
“I am preparing for the most important fight in my career. Every fight is the most important fight when it is in front of you. I will invest all of my time into this bout and my emotions just like every other fight before it.
“(It’s) My crowd again. Nottingham took my breath away when walking out but I’m past my UFC jitters. I can’t wait.”
Geordie Ogle has moved down from Newcastle to train with Team Kaobon in Liverpool.
“Colin heron is the greatest coach I have ever had the pleasure to train under. Whatever he says I do. It’s crazy the control he has on me. If he says hit four more rounds on the pads and I feel like I can’t I don’t ever say anything I do it because he said so. He is the gaffa, the chief, the guy that you fear to let down and strive to impress. I couldn’t not go to Liverpool and train under him and he has a load of lads that feel the exact same way.
“A basic week covers three sessions a day for five days and finally a session at the weekend which focuses on functional strength. No stone goes unturned. I stay away from weights for the week so my training doesn’t suffer and i also stay away form running. My joints get bashed enough thought heavy sparring and hitting pads without hitting the Tarmac. The week is general split up with Monday morning being lighter and the night being hard then Tuesday day is tougher than the night then Wednesday day is lighter and the night is tougher. This allows my body to get better rest for tougher sessions.”
Other than Ogle, Team Kaobon has a lot of top guys from the UK including Paul Sass, Terry Etim and Ali Mc Clean to name a very limited few. The team work within the gym is one of the thing Ogle credits to so many guys being so successful.
“MMA is a lonely sport and what makes it so much easier is having people that you want to kick the shit out of but laugh about it with afterwards with.
“Ali is my best friend. We’ve been through so much together since December 4 (The Ultimate Fighter trials). When my life changed in 2012 and really changed dramatically. Ali has been there by my side. When I came back and family and friends were finding the changes hard Ali was there. When Ali tore his ear half off I drove him to hospital.
“When training for my UFC debut Paul Sass was always there pushing me on at the end of the week when I felt as if I couldn’t move anymore.”
Before striking it in the UFC, Ogle has been fighting as a pro across the UK since 2009. Fighting on Olympian MMA, Supremacy Fighting Challenge and Knuckle Up MMA to name a few Ogle has seen a change in the UK scene over his time in the sport.
“I’m not going to lie there is a lot of people doing it for the wrong reasons but there are some true gems out there that make me smile when I think of them for example Willie Scott and Michael Surtees. These two gents really looked after me well. Willie gave me his house for a night when I fought on his show. Seriously a promoter gave us his house. Who does that? A guy that really cares for the fighters that’s who. Michael Surtees is a great man. When he would phone during my training for a fit he used to just ring up for a chat and I’d be on the phone for half an hour or so. He just loves to see how the fighters are doing.
“This country is very set in its way. Slowly but surely new things creep into our culture but we know what we like and it can be tough to embrace change. I believe we’re getting there though my mother is now a fan of mixed martial arts and my grandfather loves watching UFC events so there is hop. In fact when he heard about London he rang me and told me I need to get him a ticket.”
When asked about his pre-fight rituals Ogle showed something of a sensitive side too, “I usually just say a little word to my great grandma’s little lucky charm I got from her apartment that we were emptying it out after she passed away. I remember my mother got me to go in and get something to remember her by and the little elf took my eye. I love him. Whenever I hold him I feel closer to her and it makes me feel calmer. He looks odd but he means so much to me. I said to the lads in the house that I don’t care what happens to me or my possessions but if you touch that I’ll not be pleased.”
Away from the cage however, there isn’t much else for Ogle.
“Without a fight I feel lost.
“My girlfriend told me that I need to get a hobby after the Akira fight. I hurt my hand and wrist and tried to go back to the gym after a week off of boredom and couldn’t do too much with my hand. I rang her complaining and she said “Andy you can’t even close your and without pain. Get a hobby” Colin the gaffa says ‘fighting is your 10am-9pm job you can’t afford to have hobbies’ so let’s just say I like South Park, family guy and American dad as a after training chill out. A the weekend I do love movies though and after my fight with Akira I got bored so got tattooed on my knees but I may run out of space if I keep on getting inked up.”
The UFC is awaiting its first Champ from the UK. With Michael Bisping having been sent packing from the door of the 205 division it seems we are still some time away from that. However, don’t count against Ogle going on a run and getting up there with the best featherweights the world


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