OMMAC 16: Redemption. Results.

OMMAC posterTim Newman secured the OMMAC British lightweight title, coming out on top of a closely contested fight against Chris Hoban on a night marred in controversy.
Hoban looked to set the early pace, shooting for a takedown straight from the bell. However, Newman sprawled and landed a few jabs before the second take down from Hoban took the fight to the ground early.
Following a scramble Tim Newman was able to gain top position and landed some short shots as the fighters battled for position for the remainder of the round.
The second round was similar with Hoban looking for the takedown only for Newman to again end up in the guard of Hoban. In the latter stages of the second round he transitioned into side control and began to attack the arm of Hoban, however his arm bar attempt was well defended.
The third round started the brightest of the three, both men swinging punches in the centre of the octagon before Hoban again managed to score a takedown of Newman. Another scramble ensued and Newman took the back of Hoban, displaying some excellent ground skills in the process. Newman spent the majority of the rest of the round looking to find a rear naked choke but never managed to finish Hoban.
As the final bell went, Hoban walked from the cage in disgust before the official decision, leaving Newman to be crowned the new OMMAC British lightweight Champion.

Valentino Petrescu vs Lee Chadwick.

The co-main event saw Valentino Petrescu take on Lee Chadwick. This fight was also closely contested and a true example of MMA with great wrestling and striking on show.
Chadwick applied the pressure from the first bell instantly putting Petrescu against the cage and landing knees to his opponents legs. He then shot for a double leg takedown, only for Petrescu to use the cage to get to his feet. They went back to the cage and traded strikes but were separated by the referee.
Petrescu then went on the offensive, throwing a knee that was caught by Chadwick and the fight returns to the cage walls.
Petrescu managed to get away from Chadwick, throwing an unorthodox heel kick which saw him end up on his back, luckily he was saved from taking any punishment by the bell.
The second and third rounds were a carbon copy of the first. Chadwick was applying pressure and using the cage to control his opponent with Petrescu landing good strikes when he managed to create the space, in particular, two big knees in the second round.
Chadwick won out on a split decision from the judges after three rounds.
The night started in controversial circumstances, a lightweight bout between Ellis Hampson and Paul West ended in a no contest.

Initially, after tying West up in a triangle Hampson continued to throw strikes. However, despite the hold being tight West had not tapped or lost conciousness when the ref stepped in and stopped the bout early in the first round seemingly awarding the victory to Hampson.
After protests from Paul West and his corner the official decision of a no contest was given.

Tommy Cook v Dave Graham.

The middleweight bout between Tommy Cook and Dave Graham was an early contender for fight of the night.
Cook came out strong getting a take down almost straight away, both men scramble and Graham cage walks to his feet.
Graham then floored Cook with a right hook and fell inside the guard of Cook. A quick transisition into mount lead to some ground and pound from the top before Cook bucked out, only to give up his back and eat some more strikes.
Cook managed to escape and then take down Graham and attempt an arm bar which failed. They spent the rest of the round on the ground.
The second round was similar to the first, going back and forward with each guys having chances to secure the win however, towards the end of the round Cook fought to secure a rear naked choke, which seemed deep however Graham was saved by the bell.
Graham came out strong in the start of the third but was taken down quickly. Cook ended up on the bottom but secured the win via arm bar 1:37 into the third round.

Nathan Grayson v Bryan Creighton.

Nathan Grayson and Bryan Creighton also produced a highly exciting fight. The first round started slowly with both fighters attempting to feel each other out before exchanging leg kicks and taking the fight to the cage walls. Creighton then tripped Grayson to secure the take down as both fighters wrestled for position for the majority of the round.
The second started well with both men wanting to put on a display of their striking skills before Creighton threw a front kick which Grayson managed to catch and take the fight to the ground. Grayson then attempted an arm bar which appeared to be on but Creighton managed to fight his way out of the hold.
Going into the third the fight is open and up for grabs, they begin slowly again but soon begin to exchange big power shoots in an attempt to end the fight. Grayson shots. They stand up and exchange knees against the cage before Creighton pins Grayson to the cage and fires strikes to see out the fight.
The judges scored the fight 29-28 Grayson, 29-28 Creighton and 30-27 Creighton. The Liverpool man getting the split decision on the night.

Scott Clist v Dan Rushworth.

Another contender for fight of the night.
Both fighters met in the middle of the cage in the hope of securing an impressive win, a good striking exchange at the start saw Clist strike Rushworth clean on the nose causing a lot of bleeding, something which troubled Rushworth throughout the fight and lead to a very bloody encounter.
Rushworth used the clinch well in the first, landing impressive knees before eating a head kick as the fighters broke away.
Rushworth then took the fight to the ground and lands some solid strikes before Clist throws an arm bar attempt which Rushworth defends well. The first round is seen out on the ground.
The second started the same as the first with Clist landing a massive over hand right before he slipped to the ground but he manages to get to his feet quickly.
Rushworth controls the rest of the round using the clinch in the stand up and throwing impressive elbows when the fight goes to the ground.
Both fighters had left a lot in the cage heading into the third. The exchange strikes with the nose of Rushworth clearly causing problems. The fight goes to the ground early in the third but they exchange position and strikes over the course of the round.
Rushworth secured a decision victory.

Jody Collins v Mike Wotton.

This fight easily produced the best atmosphere of the night with the crowd on their feet and in full voice for Liverpool fighter Mike Wotton.
At the start Collins brought the pressure to Wotton, using the cage in the first to control Wotton and land knees before taking the fight to the ground. However, Wotton manages to trap the arms of Collins on the ground and lands a barrage of elbows before they scramble and end up back on the feet.
Collins went back to the take down but was stuffed by Wotton and the fighters took to the cage again.
When they break Wotton lands a good front kick and maintains the pressure for the rest of the round, despite a second inadvertent kick to the groin of Collins.
Collins came out well in the second, throwing a superman punch almost from the bell. However, Wotton managed to avoid the strike and counter punch effectively. Collins then scores a takedown and works for Wotton’s back and attempts the rear naked choke, after a struggle they go to the feet before Wotton manages to take Collins to the ground.
Wotton works and secures a rear naked choke, much to the delight of the Olympia Crowd.

Other Results on the night:
Uche Ihiekwe secures a TKO victory over Graham Armstrong.
Shay Walsh secured s decision victory over John Cullen.
Daniel Park secured a first round win via RNC over Jamie Lee.
Andy Green secured a first round win via arm bar over Mick Kay.


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